Words Like Kudzu Press

Pittsburgh Pamphlet Series, 2006-07

Words Like Kudzu Press was launched in Greenpoint, Brooklyn in 2000, with the publication of the feminist-experimental novel, i, scorpion: foul belly-crawler of the desert and an immediate cross-country reading tour via Greyhound. The press has largely used the Do-It-Yourself medium of photocopying to produce its books, broadsheets, journals, chapbooks, and pamphlets. The exception was a title from 2004, Magenta's Adventures Underground: A Fable for the Police State, which was sent to a commercial printer for production in off-set printing and perfect-style binding; and the most recent title from 2011, Emergency Room Wrestling, which was sent to a commercial printer for a 500-book run.

In 2001, Words Like Kudzu began the journal of writing by women, Venus in the Mirror. The journal debuted with a reading and music event in the basement of New York's Siberia Bar, which included readings by Shannon Carpenter, Kiera Nagle, and Alva Rogers; and musical performances by Malcolm Rollick and Gina Young. The journal included poetry, non-fiction, and experimental prose, and was based on the theme of "women writing women." A second issue followed in 2002.

Words Like Kudzu relocated to Pittsburgh in December of 2005. One of its recent publications has been the Pittsburgh Pamphlet series.


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