Transportation to Pittsburgh

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Pittsburgh is served by Greyhound, Amtrak, and the Pittsburgh International Airport, as well as a few smaller bus lines, such as MegaBus and the Chinatown bus.


Pittsburgh's Greyhound station recently relocated back to its original spot, just across Liberty Avenue from the Amtrak station.
Greyhound station, downtown Pittsburgh

Greyhound in Pittsburgh is located on the cusp of Downtown and the Strip District, at the intersection of 11th Street and Liberty Avenue. It is named the Grant Street Transportation Center because it is near the intersection of Grant Street and Liberty Avenue.

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As of Spring 2011, Pittsburgh is a stop on he discount busline, Megabus. Megabus serves Pittsburgh in fewer routes than it used to, reaching New York via State College, Pa.; Philadelphia via Harrisburg, Pa.; and Washington DC via Morgantown, WVa. MegaBus stops in Pittsburgh on 10th Street (near Penn Avenue) under the David L. Lawrence Convention Center, which is two blocks from the Greyhound station and the Amtrak station.

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Chinatown Bus

The Chinatown bus leaves from 34B Canal Street in Manhattan, stops at 150 S Cameron Street in Harrisburg, and arrives at 116 Meyran Avenue in the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh. More information can be obtained by calling 212-393-1238 (Noon to 6:30pm, daily except Friday), 917-681-6085, or 412-482-8082. It leaves New York at 5:30pm daily (except Friday, we believe) and leaves Pittsburgh every night at 12:30am, except Thursdays at 11:30pm and no service Fridays. Please do confirm these times when you call to reserve your ticket.
The Chinatown Bus comes to Meyran Avenue in Pittsburgh, between Fifth and Forbes.


Pittsburgh's Amtrak passenger rail service connects the Steel City with points east and south via the Capitol Limited to Washington, DC; and points east and north via the Pennsylvanian to Harrisburg, Philadelphia, and New York. Traveling from the west, one would take the Capitol Limited from Chicago, Toledo, Cleveland, and points in between.

The Amtrak station moved out of its historic downtown station in the early 21st century, and into quarters just beneath that majestic site. Its current loaction is at 1100 Liberty Avenue, where it intersects with Grant Street. Cross Liberty Avenue to reach the Greyhound station.


Pittsburgh International Airport

Pittsburgh International Airport

The airport is a good ways west of the city, but is well served by the 28X bus. For $2.75 (exact change in dollars and/or coins) you can take the 28X to downtown or to Oakland (campus neighborhood) and to numerous stops in between. The 28X runs from roughly 4:30am to midnight.


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